Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What color palettes are the most successful

What color palettes are the most successful?

If you want to get the highest impact with lowest effort, we recommend optimizing your color palettes. Choosing the right palettes can distinguish between ads that will be seen - and click - the ads that users will ignore them directly.

We list some strategies below that are designed to reduce the ad indifference, ie, a tendency to ignore any user that is separate from the main content of the site. By doing these changes, your ad will be more interesting for users. The goal is not to create the user as the ad content, but allows users to view and read the ads before you can click on the interesting things for them.

Strategy colors should be used on your site will vary depending on ad placement and background color ad location. See table below for a quick reference on the advice of our strategy to be successful in your site.
Ads in the content of ads near the content
Ad bright background or complement Samar Samar
Dark background ad Samar, complement, or contrast Contrast or complement

Here is a short description of the 3 techniques can be used to design color palettes that will be successful in your site:

* To disguise, make the background color and border of your ad with the background page ad location. If your site has a white background and you do not want to spend a lot of time to select the color for the ad, you should use a palette Place Open our standard.
* To complement, use colors that already exist on your site, but do not identify with the color of the background and border that are in the exact location of the ad.
* To make a contrast, select a light color with the background of your site. Contrast is only recommended for sites with dark background, so you should use a palette with white background, the border is white, and blue titles.

For most color techniques, you should use the color of your ad text and links that already exist on your site. For example, if all the links on your site green and black text, use the link also green and black text for your ad. Because most users to see the blue link, you can also try using blue.

In general, use a rational way of thinking when choosing a color palette. If your site's main colors are pastels, do not design ads that have all the primary colors. Users will not click on ads that are not visually interesting.

Although your ad has been designed with the perfect, but the above technique may not be successful for several reasons:

* Does your site have the most repeat visitors?
If your visitors to return frequently, they will tend to ignore the ad's position over time, regardless of the color ad that is displayed. Try to change the color or occasionally change the location of your ad on the page.
* Does your site have a lot of ads and content that is full?
If your site is filled with ads or content that contains a lot of competing, you may need to use a color that is visually more interesting for your ad to attract users. If the above technique does not provide results for you, try using a light palette

Tips to make the ad interesting: open your page and see at a glance, place yourself in a position as a regular user. Does your ad attract attention, but not excessive? Do you want to view and read the ads, or if your eyes move directly through? Try seimbangkan between excessive ads against your content with ads that are not even users will see. Imagine you as a user, then see the example below. Whether you will consider the application of this ad?

Tips for testing color palettes: add variety and freshness to your ad through with several color palettes. You only need to set the option Use multiple palettes when creating the ad code on the Choose Ad Format and Colors in the ad code setup, then press Control or Command key, then select up to 4 color palettes.

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